14689226_1270948779617189_586106182_oThe main hero of this story is me. There are two narrative line of the plot. The first line includes my visits to the hospital, talks with the doctors (video has been taken during the nine months). The other line consists of appointments and interviews with persons who want to change medical system and attitude to pregnant women. Most of them are female who were abused by doctors during their pregnancy. Now they share experience, how pregnant women should assert their rights. I asked those women for advice how to avoid medical and obstetric violence.14697206_1270948776283856_1435425435_o

I investigated different aspects of abusing pregnant women in Ukraine. The roots of this terrible situation stem from Soviet medical system which modern Ukraine took after. In addition, I revealed schemes that doctors use for cheating and blackmailing the pregnant women for the purpose of defrauding them of money.

Besides I shot interview with women who gave birth in foreign countries. I try to compare approaches to childbirth.