Story context and background

The key issue the film will raise is why maternity system in the post-Soviet country is still not transformed in a modern way. I hope foreign women will watch this documentary to know about the situations that women in labor in Ukraine face. And vice versa Ukrainian women will find out information about the obstetric care system in the US and around the world.


Why do not Ukrainian female patients fight for their rights to birth in a humane way?  A typical situation in the Ukrainian maternity homes is the lack of maternity wards. Women forced to give birth in the corridors in unsanitary conditions, if they do not pay bribes to doctors. But according to the polls 80% of women in labor are satisfied with the conditions in the Ukrainian hospitals. At the same time, maternal mortality in Ukraine is two times higher than in the European countries due to poor medical care.

This film should push Ukrainian gynecologists and obstetricians to the dialogue that  is necessary to change the approach to childbirth. They should respect patients, mustnt’t be rude  and they should try to change outdated methods of obstetrics.  For instance, many of them force women to give birth only in one unnatural lying pose on birthing chair . A lot of confined women are not allowed to give birth in the presence of their husbands according to the rules of a hospital. It is quite often that women giving birth in intensive care do not have an opportunity to see their babies for a few days after childbirth. As a result mothers cannot start breastfeeding their babies, they lose maternal milk.


In addition, many infants die immediately after birth by reason of providing delayed and non-qualified medical care in Ukraine. For example as usual cesarean section performed only in case of emergency after attempt of traditional confine. In many cases it causes the birth of children with disabilities such as infantile cerebral paralysis.

Many Ukrainian female are afraid of giving birth, they are frightened by stories about terrible Ukrainian maternity hospitals.  Women are scared that they might die there.  Many women become victims of aggressive obstetricians who humiliate their patients during parturition. It causes psychological trauma that may pursue a woman for decades.


The topic of film is essential as it concerns problems of obstetric aid in many countries. Some of  those issues relate to the medical system, but a lots of them refer to a philosophy of life that is based on ability to assert your rights. I wish the women from different countries after watching that documentary started the dialogue about birth in a humane way.